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Where In the Multiverse?

Hi everybody. It’s been a year since I’ve posted on this page. Where have a I been? Well, if you are local, or follow me elsewhere, then you know I’ve been over at SARIL.net posting there instead.


I’ve spent the last year and a half doing a full time job making SARIL (a fancy pants new TTRPG system) all professional looking. I also got roped into training some artists for the university, so I wasn’t doing as much coding as I’d like. And of course, I’ve been running a load of Beta tests for SARIL. Partly because it’s important to iron out any kinks in the design, and partly because I absolutely love to see the look on new players faces when they realise they can do super cool shit like cast spells together and fire just as their buddies dive out of the way. Glee is the only word for it. It makes those players super happy, which in turn makes the DM super happy, which makes me super happy observing. Observing the Beta tests was the thing I missed most during Covid Lockdown. I get descriptions and occasionally videos, but it’s not the same.  But yes. I have been very busy…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still terrible at staying up to date. In fact, I’m behind on making a post even as I write this update here. I’ll get that done after I’ve finished painting these Halloween models.


That’s everything for now. You can still talk to me directly on Twitter, or  Facebook, which is where you can also see my occasional blog updates. I should probably do something on Instagram as well, but I haven’t touched that in years. Maybe I’ll just post random pictures of my cat.


Bye for now.



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Ten Martha Frocking Years!


Hi everyone. I haven’t made a written blog for aaaages. Actually I haven’t done any sort of blog for ages. In fact, It’s been so long since I’ve been in the front end of my website I forgot my login details. I’ve been up in the back end a few times recently but…Stop it! Get your mind out of the gutter! Also my recent videos have been hidden so you likely haven’t seen those unless you have been rumaging around in my youtube. Still. Now seemed like a good time, Since today I find myself being able to say something I never expected to. I’d keep you in suspense but the title and the picture are a bit of a giveaway. Radiationburn is ten years old.

A whole decade of experimental game mechanics. Given the niche nature of my games, and my almost complete inability to market anything, I have to admit that it hasn’t always been profitable, but it has always been fun and educational.

Before I go any further, I really want to take a moment to thank everyone who has ever helped out, whether that was working with me for a while, letting me work with you for a little while, giving me advice, game feedback, buying one of our games, or just sharing Radiationburn’s content. That last one is more important than you know… Actually, most of you know exactly how bad I am at selling what I do. Still. Thanks to all of you!

When I last blogged I was talking about Space time (No I wasn’t, I just checked. I’m such a liar. Last post was a facetious video about why you don’t need to make maps for TTRPGs). I hope to go back and finish Space Time in the not too distant future (especially since the music being made for it is so cool, thanks Mark!), but Space time had to be temporarily shelved for reasons I’ll get into after this reminder screenshot.

Screenshot (274)

Near the end of last year I agreed to help out a couple of concept art students, so I put Space time on hold, and brought a personal project into the company so that these students could do something productive and relevant. This turned out to be a bit more of a detour than I expected. After a year of surveys, simulations, and Beta tests with both strangers and friends, as well as strangers who became friends, as well as the small matter of a global pandemic, that small project has become something larger and more significant. The SARIL project.


It’s a somewhat different TTRPG system, that started off as a personal pet peeve, but the more people get to hear about it, the more it has grown legs. Hopefully soon it will grow wings too and we can release it to the world, but we’re not quite there yet. I’ll try and remember to do an official announcement about SARIL in the not too distant future, but not today.

Today, I really just wanted to acknowledge that RadiationBurn was 10, and to thank everyone who has helped in some way in allowing it to survive so long.

Yada Yada. Social media exists and stuff. Do a follow… To be honest. I’m not big on the whole following thing. Sharing my stuff is great. I really appreciate that. I also like it when people actually talk to me. It’s nice when that happens. Anyway. Bye for now.

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Maps… WHY!?!?!

I did something different for this dev diary. more of a ‘thoughts about’ video than dev anything really.  I’m expecting some disagreement on this topic, but bring it on. I think I have a strong case but I’m more than happy to have my mind changed.

Well now that is done. I need to remind you all to do the social media stuff again so you don’t get lost… TwitterFacebook, and Youtube, because … even pretending to be socially involved is a challenge these days.

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A Missed Update, And No Update At All

OK. So I forgot to actually put the last blog on my blog. It’s on youtube, but I didn’t put a diary entry here. And Now for no Update. Do the social media.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, Because ..Interpretive dance.

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The China Report

I was gone, both physically, and mentally. Now I’m back… Physically at least. Do the social media. It has something to do with endorphins or dolphins or something.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, because … I really just don’t know.

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Design: Readability – The Box Strikes Back!

The infamous box returns for an object lesson in readability. It won’t be immediately, but the box shall return. We have to cover both boxes inside boxes, and boxes outside of boxes yet. So keep updated on this exclusive saga via out social media.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube, because I need emotional validation!

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The Infamous Box

Time for the infamous box to make its first appearance. It was infamous on my todo list because I knew it would be quite complicated to implement. Here’s the video. If you want to decrease your chances being run over by a bus, spend some time with social media.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. This technique will not work if you are […]

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Having A Sit Down

It’s another video… with no substantial content. I’m mostly just trying to get a bit faster at making them. Even a simple one takes the better part of a day to produce, but I hope that somewhere in space and time a person or two might find my videos enjoyable. As usual. Please do the Twitter, Facebook, […]

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A Bit of Tidying Up

A video again this week… Although not a good one. just practicing trying to make them a little quicker and hope I actually develop a style at some point. The social media thing… is still a thing. Do the Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  The first makes you ill informed, the second makes you ill informed and depressed, and […]

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I’ll Fix It Later

I made a video  this week instead of writing. Normally that would be a lot more work, but I couldn’t be arsed so this one isn’t really. It’s just me, being sad, and a little man squatting.   I also do the social media thing…  just about.  Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube . Bye for now.

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