We make games. Be they iphone, PC, PS4 or Xbox One. We have years of experience, a bunch of Nerf guns, and a 3D printer for making cool little plastic things for no particular reason. All that means we are expertly qualified to bla bla bla ….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

If for some inexplicable reason or horrendous lapse of judgement you wish to contact us. Please stop, and think about your actions. If you still want to contact us, you can walk all the way to our offices in the UK and hope that someone lets you in.

RadiationBurn Limited
Boho 4,
Cleveland Street,

If you are lazy and think that sounds like a lot of effort. You may want to use the wonders of modern technology to send an electronicalistic mail.

It’s entirely possible that even if someone does want to read your mail it’ll be classed as spam and never see the light of day. So perhaps if you are down with the kids you could try contacting us through RadiationBurn’s Facebook page.

Or if your thing is concise information. I’ve heard Twitter is something that happens.

Registered in England. No: 7353066

If you actually want something sensible done, like contract work. Please contact our far more professional friends at GoGo-Robot. It’s that huge button below. You can’t miss it.

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