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Nice of you to drop by and welcome to Radiationburn. Have to admit that I’ve been training students and working on the SARIL TTRPG system for the last year. Blame Covid, or all the people who wanted us to make SARIL into a product that people could buy.

The Krucer Parallax

I’m sad to say that for this, and other reasons,  The Krucer Parallax has been indefinitely shelved. We just don’t have the resources. SARIL has exploded and is consuming all of our time. You should probably check it out. On the bright side, the Krucer Parallax universe will live on as one of the scenarios for SARIL, so you can still enjoy the setting.  We’ll also be leaving the website up, so people can still take part in the social experiment that is picking a team, even if for now, it’s just for fun.

Finally, I can confirm for those who were concerned, “Space Time!” will continue to be developed despite everything, just more slowly for now.

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Where In the Multiverse?

Hi everybody. It’s been a year since I’ve posted on this page. Where have a I been? Well, if you are local, or follow me elsewhere, then you know I’ve been over at posting there instead.


I’ve spent the last year and a half doing a full time job making SARIL (a fancy pants new TTRPG system) all professional looking. I also got roped into training some artists for the university, so I wasn’t doing as much coding as I’d like. And of course, I’ve been running a load of Beta tests for SARIL. Partly because it’s important to iron out any kinks in the design, and partly because I absolutely love to see the look on new players faces when they realise they can do super cool shit like cast spells together and fire just as their buddies dive out of the way. Glee is the only word for it. It makes those players super happy, which in turn makes the DM super happy, which makes me super happy observing. Observing the Beta tests was the thing I missed most during Covid Lockdown. I get descriptions and occasionally videos, but it’s not the same.  But yes. I have been very busy…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still terrible at staying up to date. In fact, I’m behind on making a post even as I write this update here. I’ll get that done after I’ve finished painting these Halloween models.


That’s everything for now. You can still talk to me directly on Twitter, or  Facebook, which is where you can also see my occasional blog updates. I should probably do something on Instagram as well, but I haven’t touched that in years. Maybe I’ll just post random pictures of my cat.


Bye for now.



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