You’ve probably noticed there are at least a couple of dozen websites on the internet. Here are a few that are related to us in one way or another.

GoGo Robot

Technical whizzkids. Guns for hire. These guys will be able to help you out with any development problem and probably many issues with rampant A.I.

Other Developers

There are plenty of cool indie developers. Some of them are just one man teams and others a well organised small army of like minded misfits. What is important is that they make the kind of games you just won’t see on the super market shelf.


Hexdragonal are a small army that created the funky multiplayer game Arclight Cascade . No. I don’t understand why it’s called that but it’s colourful and good fun. Also, I have to say that if that fish, is what a hexdragon looks like, then I’m ¬†disappointed. It’s probably not a hexdragon though. There’s a lot more to come from these guys in the future, so the Hexdragon will show it’s true form one day.


These are the guys behind the 4 player co-op bullet rain that they call Gunnihilation. There are lots of bad guys, lots of bullets, and then lots of bits of bad guys everywhere.What more do you want?


Ishi has a love for pixels. If you love retro platformers and block puzzle games then his work will not dissapoint. ISHISOFT games are always fun and always charming.

The Indie Stone

The indie stone is a well known group of mischievous developers who are making a death by zombies simulator. It’s not zombie survival, because you won’t survive. It’s a philosophical experiment about how you deal with inevitable death. Cheer up though, if you help them out a little they’ll let you try it out before it’s even finished. You can’t say that about many developers can you?


Coatsink are probably the biggest indie devs in the area. They make some cool VR games such as Esper, and now Esper 2. They also make a cute little platformer called Shu for the PS4. on top of this they are also very nice and friendly people



Helpful People

Sometimes you need a helping hand, some advise or just a go to guy who knows what’s going on in the world. Here are some such people that we have come across.

Andy Chan

Andy is a talented freelance artist who specialises in concept and environment art but also has a broad skillset which includes 3d art, illustration and sword fighting.

Binary Asylum

The man who runs this establishement has been around since the games industry equivalent of the big bang. He also happens to be a helpful chappy who as you would expect knows a lot about the industry and the people who inhabit it.


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