Spoilers for Last Week, and Delays


Last week I had taken a break and tried out my new tablet. This week I’m back on with coding but i realize I’m definitely not going to get things up and running in a way I can show you by Wednesday. So my choices are simple. Don’t do a blog, or find something to fill the space.

I’m doing the later, and I’m filling it with the spoilers of last weeks video.  With the image above you have already been partially spoiled, but if you are interested in the art processes of an idiot, please feel free to back to last week’s blog and watch the two speed painting videos.  Of course, having painted it last week, I already hate almost everything about it, but I refuse to change anything… for a while at least (I’d like to say I’ll never change it, but if I look at it again by accident after I’m finished my current set of coding tasks then I might not be able to resist). Here’s a mask showing the bits of the image I hate in red.


Now that’s out of the way. Here are the spoiler images







final Paint


Style Mess’n.


Hopefully those might distract you long enough to let me get some visible headway into the character controller for Space Time!. If you have questions, or just insults, feel free to send them via. TwitterFacebook, and Youtube as usual Bye for now

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