Drawing out the new year!

Well. Happy new year.

That’s all I can be bothered to write because I was making an Art for you to mock. Watch the videos and you can listen to my babbling rather than just reading it. It should have been up yesterday but upload speeds are not what one would hope in my current location.

Part 1:


Don’t scroll down yet. Watch first, otherwise… SPOILERS.



Part 2:

Also. This week I mentioned two stellar gentlemen from the local community in the videos, but I’m giving them a back up plug here.

Tom Elliot. Master craftsman of indie gaming, and legal owner of the friendly cute version of the word “Terrible” Go take a look at his latest project.

Samuel Alves. Master painter, and owner of a very handsome beard. Go take a look at his art magic. There is even a picture of his beard.

Right I’m done. That was a quick write up today 🙂 Do the Social media thing. TwitterFacebook, and Youtube .Bye for now.

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