On The Defensive!


For those of you who guessed correctly about what the above picture is… Well done I guess.  It is a shader. This particular shader is for the simple shield effect on the ship. It’s probably more complicated than it needs to be, but shaders are something I’m still learning and only got into thanks to The Bruce from @RadicalForge. The above image shows a mistake I made if you look really closely. I’ve fixed it now but left it in the picture because I’m so lazy that I couldn’t even be bothered to take a new screenshot. Don’t be so judgey. I realize that I’m just plain rubbish at marketing, but if thousands of people play the games I make, yet my blog readership may or may not exceed single digits, it makes sense to spend my time on the games rather than the talking about the making of the games right? Maybe not. Super meat boy was probably the best argument against that.

Getting back on topic, here are a couple of spheres that show the shaders functioning…. I kept that sentence so simple because I was really struggling to avoid childish double entendres. Of course now I’ve said that you have just done it in your head, and now that I’ve said that you have…  Stop. Picture time!


I make shaders in a test project to avoid adding bloat to the main project,, but once in the game project they can just be slapped into place without too much hassle, and I often leave a lot of settings as publicly accessible just for the sake of tweaking. This seemingly random energy wall has a purpose elsewhere in the game, but here, it’s just for bumping into pointlessly while showing off gif compression at incredibly amateur levels.


The invisible shield around the ships is far more universal. No! Don’t be daft. Of course it isn’t invisible all the time. It activates when hit and is brighter when it receives greater damage. Seeeeeeee?!


Right. Nothing else I can be bothered to talk about today. Thanks for stopping by, and as always, feel free to ask me any questions you have on the social media.   TwitterFacebook…etc I do I do try to quickly respond to either of those too at least. Bye for now.

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