Beaming with Pride


Ok. So that one might… and I stress might, be over the top. The point is it’s possible. This, among a few other things is what I did on my last week in China. Pretty much because I love beam weapons.

As I mentioned last week. This is a seperate class entirely from the other projectile class, because they don’t share a lot in common. I may still end up making an abstract projectile class and have both the beam and the standard projectile derive from it, even if the only reason for that is to save on a few if statements when parameter passing.  Still, while experimentation is still ongoing, we’ll keep them distinct.

It didn’t all happen at once and the earliest stages were not overly exciting.


Then it got a little bit more laser Gatling gun..


And before I knew it I had the classic charge beam working…


After that it was time to push things which is where the gif at the top comes from. surprisingly there is more to a beam weapon than simply number of beams… No, really there is, and not just the size of the beam either. I decided that maybe a beam that scans and then shoots when it finds something might be cool. Turns out it was…


Then I decided to bend the rules a little bit more and do a rail gun as a beam weapon, just so i could play at manipulating particles dynamically along a beam, as you do…



Turrets can also have beams, because turrets can hold any type of equipment, or even nothing on them if you just want a thingy that you can point at people…


Progress continues on expanding what is weaponly possible (That is a real word, honest). Just today I made a launch-able doomsday device that fires plasma beams in all directions, and might even miss you…


Ok. I fully admit that the doomsday orb is over the top, even if only because survival is a mostly a matter of luck. Still, it’s proof positive that fun continues and so does development. Next week I’m going to talk a little bit about the ships. In what capacity remains a closely guarded secret, because I haven’t quite decided yet. Until then, do get in touch on the social media, because many of you hang around on the social media like it was the street corner of a million cool kids. TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. Bye for now.






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