War and Pestilence!

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This week we finally managed to release the new single player mode of Dead Exit on the Steam version of the game. It’s called War, and it pretty much does what it says on the metaphorical tin. You control one or more bases and you face off against up to three raider bases who more often than not will pick on the player, although they aren’t above stealing from one another. It’s a tricky mode to beat, but I’m sure you players are up to the challenge right?

In other news, Chantelle is sick. Her getting con flu was inevitable after EGX, but this year it has put her out of action for a few days. She came in, just about managed to do what she absolutely needed to do, and then went back home to mope around feeling snotty and raspey. That’s about as pretty a picture as I can make here so don’t ask for more details. I think in her virus ridden state she did manage to deal with Josh though, so that was a bonus.


We did manage to get Dead Exit back into Cert on Xbox which is really good. Maybe, just maybe it’ll pass this time. They’ll do more testing in a couple of days than we could do in months with a full time test team, so hopefully they’ll find any little niggles that we might have missed. If everything is good though, we get to start sending out review codes and making a final release date!

I think that is about all that is worth mentioning this week, or at least all I’m willing to tell. If you want some more the best way to get some is to start following us on the social media. TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. Bye for now.

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