So Unity are still looking at the Xbox bug. It’s driving us up the wall but there isn’t much we can do until the kind folk manage to figure out whatever the issue is.

We haven’t been doing nothing though. While waiting for that little bug to be fixed we have created an entirely new game mode. In this mode the player (or players if you wanna die with a friend) take on 1 or more enemy bases in a bid to survive. Chantelle of course created the A.I. to be brutal and unforgiving, so don’t expect an easy ride here. You’ll have to fight tooth and nail for any victory you get on the harder difficulties.

What is also really cool is that we got another set of physical cards made up, as well as some promotional ones we’ll be giving away at EGX this year. Might help if we also print out a rules leaflet so that it’s very easy to follow setting up the game, but 1 thing at a time. What am I talking about we never do one thing at a time.


Work progresses on the updated Krucer Parallax Demo. The front end will likely be very similar to the original from the users perspective, but the whole thing is a remake, and once you start flying the ships around you should notice that it all feels sooooo much nicer. If you don’t notice it’s probably just that you were having too much fun to care. You should if nothing else notice that the ships now have homing missiles. These are now working correctly thanks to, or perhaps in despite of, Aaron.


Again, as always, there was a lot more testing, by all of us, on all of our projects. Aaron has been a good boy and has been testing everything that he breaks and then usually managing to fix it, or occasionally just deleting it all and doing it again until it works. He even discovered a few amazingly convoluted bugs that Josh made previously, and possibly deliberately. We could give him a chance to explain himself but instead we’re going to jump straight to murder once more.


Justice has been served. This week in our boardgaming adventures we discovered two things of interest. The first is that at least one of the scenarios of Betrayal at House on the Hill is like a crap version of Snakes and Ladders, except without the ladders, and the dice only go from 0 to 2 maximum. That description does little to convey how dull the scenario was. It is a cool game conceptually, but the mechanics let it down somewhat. Victory or defeat has very, very little to do with player choices. Everyone is really just along for the ride. Secondly, we discovered Yo kai at the local pound shop. That was much better than expected, and a bit weird. For more exciting tales and fails, follow us on social media via TwitterFacebook, and Youtube. Bye for now.


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