Reaching Out!


Hi Everyone,

This post is the beginning of a change you see. Those people who have played our previous games know that we are happy to talk to them, help out, answer questions, and update our games based on their feedback. This is because we love making games. I’m not sure I can convey just how much we LOVE making games. I mean we REALLY LOVE IT!!! Don’t know if I used enough exclamation marks but you get the idea.

Annnnyway! What we have NOT been so good at in the past is just talking to the world. Letting you all know who we are, what we are doing, and hopefully entertaining you or helping you learn a little about the wonderful world of deving as we see it. That has to change. So we are reaching out to everyone who is interested in listening, and hopefully a few that are interested in talking.

To start off I’ll tell you about the current unusual game we’ve been working on. It’s an undead apocalypse base management card game called Dead Exit! OK, so that might sound a little weird, but we are making it is because it is super fun, and we want the world to enjoy it too! Like The Living Dungeon this was a game we designed and physically created years ago, and we’ve been playing it since. year we started to make it into a video game and it’s taken us until now to really start talking about it.

Thankfully, we haven’t been talking about it because we have been busy making it, and it’s going great! You’ve already  helped us get through Greenlight! So thanks everyone who gave us the thumbs up. There is more that I’ll go into with an official announcement very soon so please check back next week for more updates. Between now and then we’ll all be fixing bugs, implementing new sounds, or testing, and horribly breaking the game in new and unexpected ways. We’ll even post videos of some of our more interesting (and occasionally short) testing sessions so that you can laugh at our failures as well as enjoying our successes.


I missed our special guest star Josh in that little pic, but he deserves a post all to himself when I can give him a proper grilling. His time will come. Before that however you are likely going to receive a rather lovely blog post all about our scene management for dead Exit by lead coder Chantelle. It’ll be a little technical, and possibly contain a couple of Taylor Swift or Furby references but it’ll definitely be an interesting read.

If you want to be a part of our journey, or just want to have a nosey about what we are getting up to, please follow us on Twitter, where you’ll find progress, failure, and silliness on a daily basis. We are also  on Facebook, which is a good place to chat to us if you aren’t the tweeting type, and then there is Instagram, which we tend to keep a bit lighter and fluffier.

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