Tea and, Cake or Death (All out of cake)



The Living Dungeon is out now on Xbox and Steam. Go buy it! Seriously! Go buy it! We are all out of cake!

I’ve heard that releasing a game is a huge moment for celebration, but that first line of this post is a lie. A filthy dirty lie. We just haven’t had the time to celebrate what we have accomplished for a couple of reasons. The only one of these reasons that matters is that we are working hard on an update for the game. Specifically the online multiplayer. It is going well, but it’s taking up all of Chantelle’s time.

I have other things to do but none of those are interesting. It’s mostly e-mails and blog posts.The only fun things I get to do at the moment are talk to some of the players, and if I’m really lucky, watch someone streaming a game. What I’d really like to see is more multiplayer to be honest. It’s the main feature of the game but people seem to be focused on the single player story mode.

That’s life in  game development though. As soon as the game is released it’s no longer ours and belongs to the players. What they do with it is completely up to them, and time will tell how the community grows.

For now, we are sitting down, having a nice cup of tea, and getting on with things. We hope all of you who bought the game are enjoying it, even if you had a little trouble getting to grips with something so completely different. Good luck everyone, there’s a long road ahead, but it’s a fun road, filled with treasures and adventure.


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