Stuff not working, stuff working.

Our contract work is not going as fast as we’d like, and by that I mean the framerate is not great and a fair bit of time is being put into making things go a little faster. I imagine it can be quite frustrating but it’s not all bad news. BOOMBA! has had a face lift this week and it’s definitely better for it. In addition to that we’ve finished 50 teams. That’s 200 individual characters! You can see the majority of them by clicking on the image above.  You might be thinking ‘why the hell did you do so many?’ There isn’t an answer to that. Originally there were 2, good guys and bad guys. Then there were about 16 because we wanted to give people a bit of choice in multiplayer. Then we just kept going, and going, and going. We also made the characters higher res to accommodate the possibility of releasing versions on large scree platforms. So please take a look at all the teams and if you like feel free to suggest further teams that you wish to see in the future. One final note. When browsing the teams you may notice a few satirical homages to various characters, people and games that have been an influence on our lives. This doesn’t mean that every single BOOMBA! character is based on another real or fictional person so don’t make your brain explode trying to figure out who some of them are, just have a giggle to yourself when you recognise someone.


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