The Birthday Boy


"Ooo let me at the G√Ęteau mon petit choux"

So time again for Tea ‘N’ Cake and oh we have had loads of it this week! Why? Because it was one of our code bunny’s birthdays (he was 25, yes a whole 25 years old! ) Oh to be 25 again… We had his birthday a day late because no one at the studio realized it was his birthday until I logged on Skype in the evening and it popped up. At which point it was too late to celebrate, and our little Samy missed his birthday cheer as he had kept extremely quiet about this event.

We hugely made up for it the next day though with a massive chocolate birthday cake (pictures included). We even sang! After which we all shot him with Nerf gun fire and got back to work. I know we are far too kind to the birthday boy and should have given him the birthday bumps instead eh… evil grin. Rew however did buy everyone dinner later as well so I’m sure Samy soon forgot his birthday beatings. He probably won’t be forgetting his 1st birthday in a foreign country for a while anyway. I think birthday’s in France are different, like snail cakes or something.

Life in the studio is busy, busy, busy at the moment so no time to waffle too much this week.

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