Being Professional

We are a professional hard working development studio. That doesn’t mean that we all wear suits, have tidy desks and mind our language. It means we work hard, keep up to date with methods and technology, and do whatever it takes to deliver the best quality product on time and on budget. Sometimes that means working late; occasionally it means working through the night.

It’s hard work, but what we must never forget is the reason we are all in this industry, especially those of us working our asses off in small development studios. We love games. We love to create and we love to enjoy what we do. Sometimes the work is exhausting, sometimes stressful, occasionally it’s even dull.

That’s why we have stuff like Nerf guns in the office. There are times to work hard and times to let the office descend into chaos. We have Nerf guns. We have toys on desks. We have numerous board games / card games and we try to chill out and let people do some experimentation on a Friday afternoon. Not to mention the crazy guy that sits over in the corner treating us to all kinds of weird and wonderful internet gems.
There is no doubt that everyone here pulls more than their weight. We just don’t necessarily do it 9-5:30 Monday to Friday.


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