Tea and a wee spot of cake… Just a bit.

So here we are! All happy in the land of devs, where devs happily eat pizza and work till late into the night when the ghosts and ghouls are supposed to come out and play ( only we have never seen them… maybe the fairies ate them?)

What may you ask is this nonsense I am reading? Well….. We thought we would share a little of our secluded lives with you all and invite you all to join us for a spot of tea and cake ( though Thursdays are officially tea ‘n’ cake day according to Rew our chief code bunny… Indie Cake Day). Personally I would eat cake ANY day of the week and will drink as much tea as the electricity bill will allow me to heat water! Unfortunately this can’t be said for the heating bill as the team must stay warm before my tea rations are allowed.

Tell us something new, I hear you shout! Sorry I did turn up my hearing aid but well you know us old people tend to not hear as well as you young folks you know.
Yes what’s new? Ok well one of our games that initially won the Old Spice Award has now been released on iPad and Wii Ware. It has been revamped from the original Indie Xbox version with now 29 levels to fry your brain with. We are hoping it does well and people get what it’s about as we don’t help you at all with working out how to play it… that’s the whole idea you have to work it out yourself… think of it as a challenge (wicked grin).

What else is happening I hear you say… Ok Ok well I will let you into a bit of a secret… shhhhhhh don’t tell Graham, he might eat me for his dinner!
We have a new game coming out soon that I really think people are going to enjoy … it’s called… BOOMBA…. watch this space!

Right time for a cuppa for me now after all this talking I’ve gone horse… or was that giraffe?

See ya next time!
Fee x

(That mad woman who thinks she’s a giraffe and works here, in this chair, eating cake and waffling)

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